Thursday, November 4, 2010

Joshi Detox II - Week 3

I admit it, I've been cheating.

We've been to several functions recently - parties, industry events, dinners with future in-laws - and I may have had some red wine here and there, and perhaps some wheat pasta, and maybe some delicious homemade trifle.

BUT I have mostly not been cheating, and I feel really good, and want to continue with the detox next week (sort of) while allowing myself some fruit and cheat days, which I REFUSE to feel guilty about.

A few months ago when I tried on the fancy dress I bought in London with my "Maria" per diem, the one I'd spent good money having tailored to fit me just right, I could barely sausage myself into it. Seriously, it took me and Phil working together to make it happen, and we almost had to abort the mission. Last night before the Geminis I slipped into it quite comfortably, and even had room to spare.

Good changes are happening. I'm eating more vegetables. Turns out I kind of like raw broccoli. Also, I'm making sure we have fun veggies on hand like edamame and bok choy, so it's not all about carrots and celery all the time. I have also ceased to have major sugar cravings.

Oh, here's a tip. When you're not allowed to eat gluten, dairy or tomatoes DO NOT EAT PIZZA. Ugh, I don't know what we were thinking when we ordered a gluten-free, mozzarella-free, tomato-sauce free pizza the other night. It was wrong on every level. The next day Phil made this amazing rice pasta dish with chicken and sauteed onions, and it was delicious AND detox-friendly. So, I think the lesson is: if you're going to eat pizza, eat a damn pizza already. There are some things that just aren't going to taste good on the detox, and you can avoid them.

Or cheat. I won't judge you.