Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good Enough.

Our friends Pam and Kelly got married this past fall. They have a lot of friends who sing, which is mostly Pam's fault because she's a musical-theatre person, so they couldn't pick just one or two people to perform at their wedding. In the end, they decided to host a concert a month before the wedding (because, really, the worst thing about being a bride is that moment when you realize you don't have enough things TO DO on your TO DO lists that you keep making and then keep losing, and anyway they're all kind of useless because you totally forgot to put, like, FIVE REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS on there anyway, and so to remedy this sometimes you will HOST A HUGE CONCERT in order to calm your nerves and give yourself something TO DO to alleviate all the boredom of PLANNING A WEDDING).

Well, anyway, that's what Pam and Kelly did. And my hat is very extremely OFF to them for being so ambitious. It was a fabulous evening with many wonderful voices, and I was quite pleased to be asked to participate. The performers were all backstage during the show, so I was thrilled when Pam sent me a DVD of the concert so I could finally see all the performances that I had only been able to hear on the night.

I performed two of my own songs. Here's a video of one of them:

I wrote that song a few years ago, and it really doesn't have the same zing when you're wearing an engagement ring.