Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Overheard backstage.

"I lost a pom pom, do we have any extras?"

Actor: "What's my next scene!"
Dresser: "I don't know!"

"Has anyone seen my frilly red underwear?"

"I shouldn't have had that falafel before the show."

"Sorry!" (usually following a collision as actors rush to make entrances)

"Greg, that dress looks great on you. I love the sparkles."

"I have to make a gunshot noise but I CAN'T FIND MY DRUMSTICK!"

"Crap, the curtain's busted."

"Someone tell stage management the curtain's busted."

"Does stage management know the curtain's busted?"

Actor: "Just so you know, the curtain's busted."
SM: "Yes, WE KNOW, THANK YOU. We'll fix it at intermission."

"How can I make myself pop out of this corset a little more?"

Actor 1:"I feel like I'm getting a bit of a sore throat"
Actor 2:"Don't touch me"

"Someone's pom pom is on stage"

"I can't find my gas mask"

"Are there any timbits left?"

"I forget what note I start on."

"Hey, I think someone brought you flowers. Oh wait, no - they're for the other Mike."

"Is this Act I or Act II?"

"I have a hole in my fishnets."

"You up for a beer after?"

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Oh What a Lovely War" videos.

Last week I was thrilled to have my first opening night at Soulpepper Theatre Company here in Toronto. The show runs for three more weeks, and tickets can be found here. If you'd like a sneak peek, here are some behind-the-scenes videos from the Soulpepper website: