Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas Wish List for a 15-month-old

In case anyone needs Christmas gift ideas for Remy, I had him compile a list of his most-desired items:

  1. A box of Kleenex
  2. Mommy's cosmetics case
  3. Daddy's glasses
  4. The remote control for the television
  5. The remote control for the TiVo
  6. The remote control for the VCR
  7. Chips of drywall from the baseboard in the nursery
  8. Anything from a garbage can
  9. Toilet water
  10. Whatever you're holding right now
  11. The thing you just took away from me
  12. An empty diaper box
  13. Mommy's cell phone
  14. Daddy's cell phone
  15. Anything that is in a cupboard
  16. Autonomy