Thursday, June 26, 2008

And scene.

Okay, I think I'm over it. I'm not in the show anymore, it's over, life moves on, que sera sera, c'est la vie and what have you.

So, what's next for me? Probably a one-woman show. I'm also excited to get out there and start gigging again, and would love to get cast in a show somewhere. I had to turn down a few summer contracts because of Maria, but the experience I had was well worth it. For the first time ever I will be spending the summer in Toronto instead of doing summerstock theatre out of town. I hear the summer smog is lovely, and can't wait to experience it firsthand.

Would you like to hear the "exit interview" I did on EZ Rock the morning after I left the show? Click here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So Long, Farewell!

Well, that was short-lived. I guess I should change the name of my blog?

For anyone who didn't catch the show on Monday, Marisa and I were the ones who received the least amount of votes on Sunday night so we had to do a sing-off. After singing "Take That Look Off Your Face" Simon decided to eliminate me. 

It's too bad I wasn't given a second chance to prove myself to the public after the microphone issue, but I have no control over the situation. I would have liked to have shown the country that I really do have what it takes to play that role. 

Onwards and upwards...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tap this thing on?


If you saw the show tonight you'll know that my head mic was not feeding to the viewers at home. The studio audience heard me, and I heard myself when I felt someone handing me a microphone in the middle of the number I was quite surprised. I'm hoping that the viewers will take this into account, and give me points for handling the situation professionally. The sound guy feels awful, but what can you do? These things happen.

Because I was handed a mic during my performance, the home audience heard the second half of my song. I felt quite disappointed about it, but hopefully I'll be there next week and, if I am, I know the sound people will probably check my feed dozens of times, just to be sure it's working.

So there you have it. Drama. What would a reality show be without it?

Tonight is the night!

Tonight we'll be doing our first live Maria show! Please tune in to CBC at 8pm. And don't forget to vote! You can see my last post for voting instructions.

I am excited, nervous, anxious, thrilled and lots of other things right now. Most of all, I feel lucky to be here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hello everyone. Sunday fast approaches and I want to make sure you all know how to vote for me. Here are the details:


The voting lines are open from 7pm to 3am every Sunday night.

From landlines and pay phones: call 1.866.610.3566 

Texting: Text "Alison" to 777 111 (make sure you spell my name right because there is another girl in the competition with a similar name)

Internet: vote online at

Please note that for some reason you can't call in your votes from mobile phones, only landlines and pay phones, so only text from mobiles. 

For more information, please visit this link to the Maria voting info page.

Thank you so much for your support! I can't do this without you!

Rehearsing for our first live show.

This week we're rehearsing for our first live show, airing this Sunday at 8pm EST on CBC. 

It has been an intense week. The song I had initially been given was replaced with another, so I've been spending the last couple of days getting used to the new song. Today we have some time off, so I intend to take my voice and choreography notes and really get them in my body. I want to feel like I own the song before I step on the stage this Sunday.

Yesterday we attended the "Meet the Marias" event in the CBC Atrium and we had an incredible turnout. It's heartwarming to see how excited everyone is about the show. They have put up huge banners of our faces in the atrium, and posters outside the Royal Alex. 

People keep asking me why there wasn't more footage of me in the first two episodes, but if you want to see more of my clips from Maria School you can check out the widget on and click on my face, and then my video bio. Also, don't forget to check out my site:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Top 10!!!!!

Finally I can tell you all that I made it to the top 10! If you watched the show tonight, you'll know that my jaw dropped to the ground when Andrew Lloyd Webber gave me the good news. I'm somewhat over the shock, as we came back from London two months ago, but this whole experience still feels quite surreal. 

The other 9 girls and I have moved into a gorgeous mansion in Toronto, and are in intense rehearsals for our first live show. We are growing closer to one another by the day, and can't quite imagine what it will be like when the eliminations begin. Whether I'm leaving or not, it will be difficult. 

I am lots of things right now. Nervous. Excited. Terrified. Overjoyed. 

I want to soak up every moment and enjoy it the best I can. I know this is a unique experience that I am very fortunate to share with 9 other very talented girls.

Please tune in every Sunday and Monday night for the next six weeks and don't forget to vote!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I keep seeing ads for "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" on CBC and I'm getting really excited to see the first show, airing this Sunday. I have just launched my website, and I will be posting news and information about the show on there, as well as other things that I've got going on.

Wish me luck!