Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tap this thing on?


If you saw the show tonight you'll know that my head mic was not feeding to the viewers at home. The studio audience heard me, and I heard myself when I felt someone handing me a microphone in the middle of the number I was quite surprised. I'm hoping that the viewers will take this into account, and give me points for handling the situation professionally. The sound guy feels awful, but what can you do? These things happen.

Because I was handed a mic during my performance, the home audience heard the second half of my song. I felt quite disappointed about it, but hopefully I'll be there next week and, if I am, I know the sound people will probably check my feed dozens of times, just to be sure it's working.

So there you have it. Drama. What would a reality show be without it?


James said...

Alison, I felt SO AWFUL when you started to sing and I couldn't hear you. As a techiie I wanted to rush up there myself and fix it for you. I am glad that you finally got the hand mic, but because you had the other one on as well, I noticed there was a bit of cancellation of your voice so it sounded a bit tinny. Again I was on the edge of my seat with frustration! AUUGHH! I AM glad that the audience heard you. I was so proud of how you handled it all. Just like a dad, eh? I voted as much as I could. Looking forward to tonight- you rock,lady. (but I can't get used to your hair!
Jim Smagata

hoppy said...

it wouldn't be right to blame marisa because simon decided that you had to go. and i don't. i do blame simon who, despite his credentials, has absolutely no clue! alison, along with the voice of a lark, you gave that duet the range of feeling and expression and body language that john barrowman was telling the girls that they had to display in this competition. the other 1/2 did not (imho).
it's a dangerous thing to give a single judge that much power (like, what are the other 2 judges doing there? knitting??).
and to add salt to the wound, the cbc's website gives us NO opportunity to express our opinion., sooooo i took my rants to mirvish himself. after all, it's his bucks on the line here!
i'm hoping someone else - with at least as much clout and more sense and interesting projects - has seen you on stage and on screen, and will snap up your talents immediately!
good luck, alison. you'll always be *our* Maria!
(do you think all of those weeks of my joking e-mails jinxed you? i hope not...)