Monday, October 3, 2011

Shooting and Eating Leaves.

We've had salad for dinner the past two nights, which totally justifies my eating half a bag of Brookside pomegranate chocolates tonight. I was intending to save them for an upcoming dinner party, but you know what they say: "When life hands you dark chocolate-covered pomegranate candies, you will probably snarf them immediately."

My creative energy abounds these days. I'm taking the Improv for Actors course at Second City, headed up by Chris Earle, a brilliant mainstage alumnus; Chelsea and I are busy writing funny roots tunes for our soon-to-be-formed trio; I have teamed up with some very talented people to finally shoot a music video for one of my original songs; and tomorrow I will be shooting a funny commercial for the Drake General Store. I think this spot will be a winner, and I'm looking forward to posting it here when it airs.

Life is busy and life is good.

The Drake General Store