Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Elicia McTrapp

Congratulations, Elicia! I look forward to seeing you on stage as Maria this fall.

Ooh, Monday night was dramatic. Simon wasn't there again. It turns out he was arrested on assault charges on Sunday, which makes me sad. I would really liked to have said goodbye to him because his presence was one of the most positive parts of my Maria experience.

In other dramatic news, there were many disappointed Janna fans in the audience and at home our final night. I have to say, though, if you're going to have to give up the role to someone, Elicia's your girl. She is genuine, selfless and a fabulous performer, so I'm sure Janna and the rest of the Marias are very happy for her. Yes, it was a competition, and all 9 of us runner-ups wanted to make it farther than we did...but I think for the most part we handled ourselves with grace, and were respectful of our fellow competitors.

I'm happy to have enjoyed one final appearance on Maria, but I'm really ready now to move on. The show has been the main thing on my mind for the last 6 months, and I need it to be over so I can prove to myself and others that I actually am able to have discussions that don't revolve around dirndls and goatherds and strudel and such.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'll be in the audience tonight.

I'll be at the studio tonight, cheering on the final three Marias: Janna, Elicia and Jayme. Rumour has it they'll be singing some Andrew Lloyd Webber songs. Glad to hear it, as I much prefer when they incorporate musical theatre numbers into this musical theatre competition. 

So. I have 15 pages of notes that I plan to morph into a one-woman show about my experience. I write comedic songs and I'm thinking of incorporating several tunes into the piece. It remains to be seen, though, exactly what shape the show will take. Perhaps interpretive dance? Wait. No. That's a horrible idea. Must keep brainstorming...

It's been fun being back at the CBC with the girls*. Rehearsal has been replete with microphone jokes, which I love. We all have that thing that people will remember about us. I'm Mic-less Maria. Not the nickname I was expecting, but I suppose it could have been worse. It can always be worse.

*Mom, I promise one day I will see the error of my ways, and start using the word "women".

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I just finished recording a musical theatre demo and will likely be posting the songs from that on my site soon. My good friends Mark Selby and Noel Webb helped me greatly with this recording, Mark on the keys and Noel doing sound engineering. I am so thankful to have such helpful and talented friends. Thanks guys!

Oh, and while I'm thanking people I can't forget the incredible Mike Reid, my boyfriend and webmaster. Did you ever see my free bravehost site? That thing was appalling. This one is so much slicker.  

Tomorrow I'm going in with the other 9 Marias to rehearse for the final show this Monday. I'm not sure what we'll be doing, but I heard a rumour that it will involve fight choreography. I'm no stage combat pro, but I  have some great suggestions. I want to do lots of hair pulls and aikido rolls, hopefully down the balcony. Maybe we could do a neck crack in there (you know, where you use an empty water bottle to make the sound?).

But I'm just talking.

I really ought to be in bed, as I'm being picked up quite early tomorrow morning. I'm doing a cleanse and somehow it's making me very wired, when what I really want to do is just sleep so I don't notice the hunger. To my health!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am now selling my CD's online!

A lot of people have asked me about buying my CD online, and now it's possible. Just go to my website and click "Buy Now" to have my CD sent to your door for $10. I find that they sell really well at gigs, but not everyone is able to make it out to those because I usually only perform in Toronto. I'm very excited about this new feature on my website! 

I went to the Maria taping last night where, sadly, Marisa was voted off. She seems to be taking it well though. Today we're having a barbecue for all 10 of us plus Gavin, and we are so stoked! I can't wait to hang out with all the girls (sorry, is that derogatory?). This experience has been so monumental for all of us, and I can't wait to chat with everyone else and find out how their personal experience has been. 

Janna, Elicia and Jayme are the only Marias left in the competition. Next Sunday one of them will be sent home, and then on Monday the winner will be announced. How exciting! All ten of us will be on the final show (Monday, July 28th at 8pm EST) and I'm sure that will feel bittersweet for most of us. I'm disappointed by how things ended for me, but enough time has passed that I think I will mostly just be excited to perform again...and wear my dirndl! I hope we get to keep them when the show wraps.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kyla and Katie.

Last night Tamara was saved after a three-person sing-off, while Kyla and Katie were sent home. It's sad to see them go, as much as I joke about wanting more people in my special little "club" of former Marias. 

I wish Canada had had a chance to hear Kyla's beautiful, clear soprano voice. She has had a lot of classical training, and I think if she'd been given a chance to show that off the judges wouldn't have pegged her as a belter or an alto, which I think they have. I hope great things will come out of this experience for her, because she deserves to be working. Always.

A couple days ago I told Katie that I never could have done this show at her age. She's 19, and has already gained a lot of notoriety through "Maria". She has a killer voice. I remember standing next to her in Maria School when we were working on some group harmonies. She was always perfectly in tune and sounded flawless. I can't wait to follow her career.

As for me, I have just accepted a contract with Theatre North West in Prince George, BC. I also have a few other auditions on the horizon, so please keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh, the drama!

I went to see the live taping of Maria last night. Finally, the girls are performing musical theatre numbers, and it was definitely the best show yet. I hope they won't go back to pop songs next week, but I think it's inevitable.

The gossip of the evening was that Elaine criticized Donna for having a diva-like attitude during rehearsals. I have worked with divas. I do not count Donna among them. The comment by Elaine was coupled with a carefully edited segment that made Donna look mean, when she was just being frank. After showing a few of the Marias commenting on how it was hard to lose people every week, they had Donna saying she knew that when people left, it only meant she was closer to winning. 

This is called honesty. 

I'll be at the taping again tonight, and I will no doubt be squirming in my seat. Having been on stage and in the audience, I have to say that the latter is more difficult. Two girls will be going home tonight, so it's sure to be a dramatic show. Here's hoping Canada did some smart voting last night!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yikes, I can't believe Allie was voted off last night. What a bummer. Simon was clearly troubled by having to pick between Jayme and Allie, which I can understand. That's a toughie. I was shocked they were in the bottom two. Here's hoping Canada picks a great Maria in the end.