Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh, the drama!

I went to see the live taping of Maria last night. Finally, the girls are performing musical theatre numbers, and it was definitely the best show yet. I hope they won't go back to pop songs next week, but I think it's inevitable.

The gossip of the evening was that Elaine criticized Donna for having a diva-like attitude during rehearsals. I have worked with divas. I do not count Donna among them. The comment by Elaine was coupled with a carefully edited segment that made Donna look mean, when she was just being frank. After showing a few of the Marias commenting on how it was hard to lose people every week, they had Donna saying she knew that when people left, it only meant she was closer to winning. 

This is called honesty. 

I'll be at the taping again tonight, and I will no doubt be squirming in my seat. Having been on stage and in the audience, I have to say that the latter is more difficult. Two girls will be going home tonight, so it's sure to be a dramatic show. Here's hoping Canada did some smart voting last night!

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