Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kyla and Katie.

Last night Tamara was saved after a three-person sing-off, while Kyla and Katie were sent home. It's sad to see them go, as much as I joke about wanting more people in my special little "club" of former Marias. 

I wish Canada had had a chance to hear Kyla's beautiful, clear soprano voice. She has had a lot of classical training, and I think if she'd been given a chance to show that off the judges wouldn't have pegged her as a belter or an alto, which I think they have. I hope great things will come out of this experience for her, because she deserves to be working. Always.

A couple days ago I told Katie that I never could have done this show at her age. She's 19, and has already gained a lot of notoriety through "Maria". She has a killer voice. I remember standing next to her in Maria School when we were working on some group harmonies. She was always perfectly in tune and sounded flawless. I can't wait to follow her career.

As for me, I have just accepted a contract with Theatre North West in Prince George, BC. I also have a few other auditions on the horizon, so please keep your fingers crossed for me. 


Anonymous said...

Congrats on BC. That's a fair ways off. Good luck on the other opportunities.

And thanks for your insiders insights into the show.

JWLnler said...

Congrats Allison, and don't be afraid to apply to perform at the 3rd Annual St.John's Comedy Festival, which will be taking place next year! They could use good talent like yours!