Friday, February 6, 2009

Ohhhh, it's art! Right, I forgot about art.

Something happened today that I think should be turned into a New Yorker cartoon.

I was looking at my friend Susan's laptop and noticed the Google Earth map she had posted as her desktop background. I said, "That's neat, what is that a map of?" and she replied, "That's not a satellite map, it's a Jackson Pollock painting."

Here is the painting, entitled "Lavender Mist". Seriously, I swear I can see the CN tower on there...


jennyhead said...

As an art historian, I am amused by this anecdote. Brent dislikes Pollock immensely, but I think some of his stuff is pretty okay, and Lavender Mist falls into this category. Never thought it looked like a map though. I'll have to stare at it more.

andy said...

no... that's a map...its not art.