Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whiskas Commercial

I shot this Whiskas commercial in September, and spoke about the shoot here. I was sure they had decided not to air it, as it had been several months and I hadn't seen anything. Looks like I was wrong!


Jessicle said...

Maybe it's no surprise, but this TOTALLY made my day. :D

Anonymous said...

how cute! i love cats! theyre so cute. not easy to work with though...haha

Jennifer said...

they saved you for the olympics! because you are amazing! and that's when people watch the teevee.

LAWGAL said...

This is my favorite commercial ever! I laughed my head off the first time I saw it. I rewound it about 10 times and have played it for countless people. I even tried to act it out for some but my cat thought I lost my mind. Your performance was perfect. The reactions were priceless and man can that cat act! Please pass this messsage on to the advertisers as I believe they nailed this commercial. I have been your character when I have had company over. I try to show off my cats' intelligence by getting them to do tricks like roll on the back, sit, shake a paw, give a kiss, speak and lay down. They normally do them except when they are distracted by new people, so I look like a goof ball trying to get them to obey my directions. I'm sure I look as crazy as you do in the commercial. But who cares - I love my cats!

Congratulations to you and all involved for making a great ad that really strikes a cord with me.

tigrlily said...

Hi Alison

My husband (a francophone) and I love both versions of the commercial, but particularly the one in French. His nickname for me is Madame Minou, and every time we see the commercial, we laugh uproariously. You really nailed the total absorption with the cat, as well as the distracted "Huh?" when you're called away. Thanks for providing us so many minutes of mirth.

be well