Friday, August 5, 2011

What I Love About Calgary Fringe.

1. Our large audiences, even on opening night when nobody knew anything about us;
2. The musty-smelling church basement where we all gather for cabaret nights and $3 beer;
3. Club Paradiso, our awesome venue that sometimes feeds us tacos;
4. Karaoke at the Shamrock Hotel with the other artists, especially when we end the night with a group sing-a-long of Don't Stop Believin';
5. Our fabulous billeters who make us salmon and lend us their Acura;
6. The brilliant shows we've seen while here, including Oneymoon, Spitting in the Face of the Devil, Houdini's Last Escape, Slut Revolution and When Harry Met Harry.
7. Trips to Banff and Drumheller on our three consecutive days off.

I am having a blast, and would love to stay longer, if I didn't miss this guy so much:

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PS said...

That's one lucky summummabitch!