Thursday, April 5, 2012

100% of Canadian women prefer glossier hair.

I did the voiceover for this Loreal Healthy Look commercial. The first couple of times I read the word "glossier" I pronounced it "glossi-ay" as though it were a sexy French-sounding name brand, when really it was just the word, "glossier". The director kindly said to me, "Okay, that sounds great. Next time can you try just saying, 'glossier'?" and I burst out laughing at my mistake. It was one of those moments where I wonder about my brain.


Anonymous said...

I have a follower! Awesome. As are baby kicks.

I often put my own inflections or pronunciations onto words. When people correct me, I tell them that's how we say it in Canada.

Much love to you and your little kicker, xoxo

Alison Jutzi said...

My friend! My friend!

I think next time I mispronounce something I'll say, "that's how we say it in Mennonite".