Friday, July 6, 2018

Gigging at The Making Box

When we moved to Guelph, I was excited (maybe cautiously hopeful?) to see what sort of creative outlets I'd find here. So far, I've performed in a stellar production of "The Drowsy Chaperone" to sold-out crowds at Guelph Little Theatre, started a music duo with my neighbour, directed a play, tried stand-up comedy for the first time, performed in a sketch show work-shopped by Kevin MacDonald, of Kids in the Hall fame, and done several comedic-folk singing gigs. Turns out I'm more creative as a law clerk than as an actor. Huh.

About a year after we moved to Guelph, I had finished my law clerk courses and found myself with a bit of extra time. I decided to see if Guelph had an improv community and was thrilled to discover that it not only had one, but that it was a vibrant community that was growing by the minute, thanks to Hayley Kellett and Jay Reid, co-founders of The Making Box. They offered classes, had regular shows, and now have their own space on Cork Street where they sell out constantly. It's because of The Making Box that I tried stand-up comedy, something I've wanted to do for years. They have created the most inclusive, safe, hilarious, positive environment for performers and audiences. Finding The Making Box has made Guelph just that much sweeter to me.

Here are some videos from a recent gig I did there:

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