Thursday, October 16, 2008

The hills are a spaceship!

Last night I attended the official opening of The Sound of Music and it was a fabulous show. Elicia sounded fantastic, and was a loveable and charming Maria. A couple reviewers have noted that this is the perfect show to see right now, when we're all so worried about the political and economic situation in our country. Somehow this musical set during the Anschluss provides some escapism. Of course, it's not the underlying WWII story that gets us; it's the music. And it's the fact that most of us grew up watching the movie every Christmas. Jian Ghomeshi likened it to, "hot chocolate in your favourite mug".

Oh, and the set piece that represents the "hills" that are "alive" is this huge, disc-shaped thing that floats around and tooootally looks like a spaceship. Awesome.

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Jennifer said...

i rode past the theatre on my bike last night and waved it you but you didn't see me. probably because you were inside the theatre, watching the musical, behind many, many concrete walls.

you should totally write a song about spaceships.