Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How To Act Good.

Today I had an audition for a Disney Cruise. It was much shorter and sweeter than my last cruise audition which was several years ago and included a really hard dance call (yikes!). I sang "Nobody Makes a Pass At Me" which has become one of my favourites because it's cute, funny, and fairly obscure. I was having trouble picking material for this audition because the requirements were so broad: "prepare one musical theatre song", but I always find it's best to default to comedy. Fingers crossed...

This Thursday I will be shooting an episode of "Urban Legends" for the A&E Biography channel. It's been a busy few months for commercials and t.v. gigs, for which I'm very grateful. This show will be the last thing I can shoot before flying to Prince George this Saturday to perform in A Christmas Carol with Theatre North West. Because I had to turn down a few theatre gigs due to HDYSAPLM I haven't had the pleasure of being in a musical since I did Emily with TIFT last year.

In other news, I'm hoping to crash the Mirvish Hallowe'en party this Thursday night, dressed in my very special Palinator costume. I'm trying to convince Mike to shave his beard into a goatee and be the Todd to my Sarah, but I don't think he digs the idea. It's almost like he doesn't want to spend the evening listening to me say inane things in an exaggerated Wasillan accent. Like, what is with that?

And finally, just for fun, here is a clip of Sir Ian McKellen on Extras, explaining the art of acting. Everyone needs to see this because of the brilliantnessitude of it.

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