Monday, September 28, 2009

Dry Streak

Do people from London, Ontario spend their whole lives saying "No, Ontario actually"? I've had this conversation a lot recently:

Person I Know: So, what are you going to be doing next?
Me: I'm doing a play in London.
Person I Know: England?
Me: No, no. London, Ontario.
Person I Know: Oh.
Me: Yeah...ha ha...anyway, it should be good.
Person I Know: It would be more interesting if you were going to England.

Okay, maybe they don't say that last part. Anyway, the point is I'm heading to the Grand Theatre in London Ontario for the next six weeks to work on a play called Dry Streak. It's a comedy written by the Canadian playwright Leeann Minogue. If you'd like tickets you can visit the Grand Theatre website here.

Goodbye for now, Toronto. I'll see you in November!


Anonymous said...

London confusion/need for specification happens to me a lot, especially when my sister was going to school in London ON and I was living in England. When Jocelyn said she was moving to London on fb I made sure not to get too hopeful until I found out which London she meant. She meant London UK which was exciting but I suck because I've been to visit her there once in two years, which means I take about as much advantage of her being there as if she was in London ON. Le sigh (that's how they sigh in London, France.)

Lee said...

I got stopped for speeding in the States once - real state trooper tough guy stuff - saw that my car had a London dealership sticker on the license plate. He actually asked me why my steering wheel was on the wrong side.

Correcting a State Trooper: list item number 7 on "Brave things I have done".