Monday, November 3, 2008

I can't quite see Russia from here.

Well, I have started rehearsals with Theatre North West in Prince George, B.C. Yesterday was our first day, after having flown in from Toronto on Saturday. Want to see the first picture that comes up when you image-search "Prince George, British Columbia" on google?

Amazing. It turns out that this is "Mr. P.G.", an anthropomorphic assortment of logs who greets newcomers to the city at the intersection of Highways 97 and 16. Thanks, Wikipedia! I haven't seen this guy in person yet, but I think I have to.

We rehearse 2-10 here, and by the end of yesterday's rehearsal my body thought it was 2am because of the change of time zone, and moving the clocks back an hour. But other than getting a little sleepy, rehearsal went very well. Ted Price, the AD and director of A Christmas Carol, is very efficient in his directing. We've already blocked Act I, and I expect we'll have blocked Act II by the end of Tuesday's rehearsal. Oh, did I mention today is a day off? Total score.

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