Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Story of Stuff.

I just got an iPod in June and already the headphones are broken. I like your products, Apple, but is this an example of planned obsolescence? The idea of replacing my 5-month old headphones with a new pair got me to thinking about all the wasting I'm doing: always forgetting to bring my reusable grocery bags when I go to the store, taking those uber-packaged frozen dinners to rehearsal because they're so convenient, buying things that I just don't need.

Okay, so it wasn't just the headphones. I also just watched The Story of Stuff which is a fantastic deconstruction of our society's production and consumption model. It is definitely worth a viewing.

As far as I'm concerned, sustainability is en vogue this year, and I'm going to stop treating it like that thing I'll get around to as soon as I have enough time. My goals for the coming year:

1. Try to use Freecycle whenever I need something or want to get rid of something.
2. Never buy another plastic water bottle.
3. Avoid buying items that come in heavy packaging.
4. Support green companies.
5. Remember those reusable grocery bags!

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