Monday, January 5, 2009

Girls' Night!

My friend Kate is staying with me right now. She lives in Bristol, but we met in 1990 when our fathers worked together as principal and vice principal of a public school in Guelph. We became the best of friends in high school and have stayed in touch ever since. When she visits Toronto she usually stays with me, which makes my life seem a bit like an extended sleepover. I love that. My only complaint is the buckets of ice cream, slabs of fudge, and containers of Turtles brownies which keep showing up in my kitchen. It's post-Christmas, and I should be on a diet of raw vegetables and air soup. Doesn't she know that? 

Nicole also came over last night and we had a jam session which we posted on YouTube. She and I were in the same theatre school class, and were roommates all through University. Whenever we sing together I am reminded of the jam sessions we had in our Erindale townhouse, she playing my guitar which I rarely touched at that point.  "Annie's Song" was our favourite tune. Now, 11 years after we first met, she's still my favourite singing partner. And making our YouTube video reminded me that we need to jam way more often.

So last night, I and my two totally awesome long-time girlfriends hung out and chatted and laughed, ate brownies and ice cream and watched several episodes of "The Office". Total girls' night! And at no point did any of us try to discern which Sex and the City character we represented, which was refreshing.


Nicole said...

I'm Carrie, Kate is Miranda, and you're the lady at home who watches.

Alison Jutzi said...

Shut up, I'm Carrie. Kate is Stanford. And you're an extra from season 2.

Philip said...


That was friggin' awesome. Can I buy the CD?

What do you mean there's no CD?!?!

Get on that!!

I love that tune. You guys sang it beautifully.

You can't be Carrie 'cause Carrie is hideously annoying and annoyingly hideous. But I'm a guy, so my S&TC opinion doesn't count.