Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smile-ing. :)

Now that Christmas is over, things are buzzing in the acting world again. I've been on several commercial auditions this week, and I just found out I booked a theatre gig. What makes it extra-special is that I really really REALLY wanted to get this show, as opposed to only really REALLY wanting it like with other gigs. I'll be doing a new musical called Extraordinary with Smile Theatre, a company that tours to seniors' residences. Jim Betts, the Artistic Director of Smile, wrote the show and will be directing it. He is a person I've heard lots of great things about, and I'm thrilled to finally have the chance to work with him. 

Here's a little blurb about Extraordinary that they have on the Smile website:

This world premiere celebrates the unique contributions of the Canadian women who became wives and mothers in the years following the 2nd World War. This original musical is dedicated to the women who challenged expectations and were instrumental in changing the world they lived in.

Have I mentioned how much I love working on new plays and musicals? In all my years at 4th Line Theatre I was able to take part in many workshops of new works, and I always love feeling like I'm helping with the writing process. 

In other, personal news: my Uncle George, who has been waiting for 6 months for a lung transplant, had his surgery on Tuesday and is currently slowly regaining consciousness and generally doing well at Toronto General Hospital. It's quite a miraculous thing, organ donation. My mom gave Uncle George a sweatshirt for Christmas that said, "Don't take your organs to heaven, heaven knows we need them here." Too true. All the best, Uncle George!

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