Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joshi's Holistic Detox - Day 11

This is getting harder.

I'm tired of rice.

I want a chocolate bar.

I want to eat strawberries at the cottage this weekend.

There are only so many bananas a person can eat.

I cheated last night by having terriyaki sauce on my chicken and I DON'T CARE.



PS said...

I don't mind the rice so much. I can eat quite a bit of rice; though I must say I like the homemade stuff with salt and pepper more than the restaurant stuff that comes with sushi.

I am tired of banana, though.

Although I feel "light" (headed?) and haven't had heartburn in 11 days, I think I'll stop on Monday - after two solid weeks. I'm bored and don't feel particularly energetic - I can't let down my sports teams! :P

I think you should join the dark side (me) for wings Monday. ;)

Hmmmm.... Wings.....

(at least it's chicken!)

Alison Jutzi said...

Yay dark side! Okay, you've twisted my arm.

Dr Joshi said...

try to vary your food choices as much as possible each day. if you are getting bored of bananas why dont you try a peeled diced apple instead. make sure you have some protein, even a hard boilded egg, glass of soya milk, tofu, cottage cheese etc , with each meal to keep your sugar levels controlled. chew everything 20-30 times to improve the digestion of each mouthful to release and absorb the nutrients. if you are feeling tired you may be deficient in minerals, take a sugar-free Emergen C sachet mid morning and mid afternoon. if you need more recipes, feel free to contact me. be strong. wishing you health and happiness.
Dr Joshi