Monday, August 25, 2008

Industrials and babies.

I had two auditions last week, and one of them was for a staff training video. I walked into Jigsaw, slated for the camera, said one line and they said, "thanks!". I think it took about 24 seconds in total. Turns out I booked it.

Industrials are those things I excitedly tell people I've booked, and then somehow feel I have to apologetically explain: "oh, it's nothing, it's not going to be on t.v. or anything." But really? Inside? I'm thrilled to be getting paid to act. And maybe I'm also a little bit thrilled about having my hair and makeup done for the shoot.

In much more exciting news, my friends Laura and Chris just gave birth to their second daughter, Emily this past Friday. I and my other friend Laura (I have several Lauras) took care of their almost-2 year old, Hannah over the weekend while they were at the hospital. Lots of love to the Farley-Ratcliffe family!

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