Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Thong of Tents.

The above phrase was coined by my friend Nicole, upon her seeing this photo:

This is the "2 person" tent I bought for my camping trip to Saltspring Island, British Columbia. That is where my boyfriend and I slept. For real. There was one night at Ruckle park where he decided to sleep outside under the tarp instead. That worked well until several unidentified rodents started thinking his head was a toy.

We went camping after attending a friend's wedding. My University roommate Jessie made me and our other roommates, Nicole and Jennifer, her bridesmaids (along with Jessie's sister Sally who was the maid of honour). The wedding took place at the Maritime Museum in Vancouver, on the famous RCMP St. Roch. What do you mean you don't know what that is? It was the first boat to cross the Northwest Passage from east to west. Or west to east. I can't remember which. Anyway, it's famous. Now you know.

Nicole, Jenn and I sang "Annie's Song" from the boat. Check it out:

After the wedding, we went to Eagle's Nest Retreat on Galiano Island. You have to go there. Seriously. Get a group of 10 people together and rent the whole cottage for a week. There are six bedrooms which are just kitsch enough to be charming, a big kitchen and living space complete with a piano and guitar, a baby deer who will entertain you outside the kitchen window as you play Cranium, and an outdoor hot tub which overlooks the ocean.

It was after our luxurious time at Eagle's Nest that Mike and I went camping for four days. We had a good time, in spite of our living conditions. We quite enjoyed the bags of food from MEC. These are horribly overpriced but tasty, and in most cases all you have to do is add boiling water directly into the bag.

All in all, a great trip to B.C.

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