Thursday, August 14, 2008

Janna is cast as the alternate Maria!

This just in: Janna Polzin, my friend and runner-up Maria, has been cast as the alternate Maria in the Sound of Music. She will do Saturday matinees and Wednesday evenings. Good on Mirvish for letting Janna and Elicia share the role. I think this has made a lot of people very happy.

This afternoon I did a commercial audition for a phone company. I won't say which one and you'll understand why in a moment. The casting house was brand new, so their phones were just being set up, coincidentally by the same company for which they were casting the commercial. As soon as the phone company dude left, the casting guy went off on a tirade:

" Company X is so bad! It took them eight weeks to get these landlines set up. And their public relations is appalling! I can't believe how bad their service is!"

It was just kind of funny. Not in a "ha ha" way but in an ironic kind of way. Like rain on your wedding day.

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