Sunday, September 7, 2008

I might get rats.

On a shoot yesterday I met Peter Church. 

Peter has rats in his house. On purpose. 

He brought them to the shoot because our scene was set in post-apocalyptic ruins (a.k.a. a scrapyard in Hamilton) and he thought his pets might add some colour.

We didn't end up using them, but they were so cute I don't think they looked the part anyway. I'm sure they're fine performers; they just weren't scary enough to play movie rats.

So Peter and I hung out all day, which meant I was also hanging out with his rats and they were making me go into this weird high-pitched, baby talk thing because of the cuteness overload. I'm not sure if this means I definitely should get rats, or definitely should not. Hmmm.

This morning I looked at the one area of my apartment that is free of clutter and thought, "I could put the cage there..."

Stay tuned.


Aleisha said...

I have had 2 rats during my life and in my opinion they make the best pets.

I wish you luck with your decision =)

Alison Jutzi said...

That's great. Thanks, Aleisha! If I do get them, which I think I will, maybe you can give me some tips. :)

jennyhead said...

my bff Scott had rats for years. i can give you his email if you like.

Aleisha said...

Of course =) I'd be happy to help. You can add me on facebook (Aleisha McFarlane Campbell) or email me at aleishamcf at hotmail dot com