Thursday, September 4, 2008

Open Mics.

Sometimes I sing at open mic nights. They usually provide a safe, fun atmosphere in which to try out new material. They also encourage self-indulgence. If you ever want to hear a painfully long song that repeats the chorus, like, 40 times and doesn't really say anything new after the second verse, you should go to an open mic night. If you want to sing like you're alone in your apartment and no one is listening, perform at an open mic night. If you want to see a colourful mix of Tori Amos-esque chicks, 70-yr-old ex-hippies, random crazy people, and new musical theatre grads from Sheridan College, an open mic is the place to be.

They're fun. And painful. And beautiful. And long. But most of all, they're open.

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