Monday, September 15, 2008

Nobody wants me to get rats.

The following is a list of responses I've received to my saying, "I might get rats":

1) What?!?
2) Okkaaaaaaaay...
3) Well, that will make you popular.
4) Why?

I think the problem here is that people are thinking I'm going to get this kind of rat:

...while I'm actually thinking more along the lines of this:

See? Totally different things. It just goes to show you that beauty is the most important thing in the world, next to popularity.


jennyhead said...

i'm okay with you getting rats, and i'm also okay with your world view on beauty and popularity. my only concern is how well you could handle falling in love with something that has an only 2-3 year life span. Wait a minute. that's like, the life span of pretty much any normal relationship i've had, excluding my husband. cancel that, you'll be fine.

Alison Jutzi said...

i'm okay with the life span. in fact it's on my list of pros. is that wrong?

stamperoo said...

I support your desire to get rats. I think it will make you happier. And while the rest of us become crazy cat ladies, you can be on the other side of the weirdness fence as a crazy rat lady.

One caveat. Please don't let them them run around on your body as you panhandle at the corner of University and Queen. That intersecton gives me weird feelings because it's so close to my old workplace.